Google Celebrates Pakistan Independence Day With Doodle

Google is celebrating Independence Day of Pakistan with its awesome new Doodle. You can see the picture here or view the live on page.

Google Doodle Pakistan 2012

The photo looks both like the decorated backs of Pakistani Trucks, or honestly I don’t know what inspired the designer(s). But I love it. What do you think of?

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Guys let’s get ready again. This time they blocks Twitter.

Waqas Ali

That’s right. Twitter bird is in the cage of Pakistani government. One never knows, what they are up to and till when.

Our IT Ministry thinks that if someone in the world create and share blasphemous content through social media sites. Then it is in the best interest of the state and people to block the site for millions of users in the country.

Last year they were trying banning Facebook for the same reasons. Shall we stop them?

PS. I just wrote to some leading tech blogs to support and thankfully TechCrunch covered it.

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Pakistan blocks sites which contains word ‘Shoes’ in the URL

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Oct 20: LHC Justice Says Only Dictators Ban Facebook

A Lahore High Court Lawyer Yasser Latif narrated the comments of Justice Azmat Saeed on twitter. See his tweets and some of others below.

This is a quite a positive statement from an institution, which has been misjudging Facebook lately. Thanks to the Justice Azmat, lawyer Yasser Latif and other people who made this happen at LHC.

LHC Orders to Ban Blasphemous Page, Not Facebook

While Facebook is busy rolling out new features for its users better connect with world. Pakistani media is misreporting the issue of Facebook Ban.

I and you have been following the news stories of LHC’s order to ban Facebook again in Pakistan. Don’t panic. Continue reading

Assholes Are Everywhere; French Ban Word ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ on TV and Radio

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You don’t need to come and visit Pakistan to experience a time to time censorship on social networking sites, now this facility is available in many other countries. The newly added is France. 😉

Broadcasting anchors and TV/Radio hosts are forbidden to use the word Twitter and Facebook unless it is seriously important or directly related to the news. Continue reading

Pakistan is Facebook 2nd Fastest Growing Country in Middle East

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Facebook growth in Pakistan is at its peak, as we see 267,000 new users signed up for Facebook during April11-May11. It mean 8,900 new people were joining Facebook everyday from Pakistan. InsideFacebook wrote a post about Facebook growth in Middle East during past months which can be found here. Continue reading

Question: Who is Against Freedom of Speech in Pakistan? #DontBan

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Hello dear supporter,

Please help us understand, who is against freedom of speech in Pakistan? Why?
Share your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll use your input to write next story on the status of freedom of speech in Pakistan.

Especially feel free to share any story / real life experience related to freedom-of-speech in Pakistan. Continue reading