Why Not to Ban Facebook in Pakistan or Anywhere Else

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Hello friends, you must have heard the news about LHC considering a permanent ban on social networking site Facebook.
The petition was filed by Mohammad and Ahmad (from Lahore) through Advocate Mohammad Azhar Siddique. You can read the news story here.
Let’s get to the point. The  petitioner said that Facebook should be banned permanently in Pakistan because of placing caricatures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and other prophets.
What urged us to stand against this petitions is as followed:>

  • Facebook’s primary goal is to helps us connect and share with people in real life. It empowers its user (like you) and they have a business.
  • If someone in west or anywhere share material on Facebook against Islam, it doesn’t come to our profile until any user himself wants to read that stuff. And I believe a person who respects PBHU, wouldn’t like to reach to such material.
  • Facebook helps us counter the negative propaganda and express our point of view.
  • Today online user is more informed than the TV user, and some groups in Pakistan don’t want this to happen. So they are using Islam as an excuse.
  • Today because of Facebook we are more connected with friends and information sources than ever.

Here are some of random people speaking against this petition on Twitter.


This is just the start of the conversation, feel free to share your point of view on the matter.

Here are some photos worth sharing.

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14 thoughts on “Why Not to Ban Facebook in Pakistan or Anywhere Else

  1. Lots of people would willingly join in to counter this retarded move – but how exactly is that being done?

    • Now it has different answer for everyone. Consider doing any / everything from the following.

      1-Write about the issue with a back link to this blog.
      2- Help us build a community on our Facebook Page.
      3- Help us get attention of TV & Print media by making a phone call to PTA and Minister of IT at a specific time this Monday.
      4- Display our Badge on your website | Like our Facebook Page
      5- Pray for the assholes in the country.
      6- Suggest us more practical ways to make it possible.

      Thank you.

  2. I am a Pakistani and I need some space, for how long will you construct barriers in the name of religion and faith? Today you are about to ban Facebook, tomorrow you will ban internet for the same reason. Do you want us to die in social suffocation?

  3. They are missing the target. The whole internet should be banned. According to a Google survey last August, the Pakistanis were on the top of porno site visitors on the net globally. This moral degeneration should not be tolerated. Ban the internet and let us communicate with each other with smoke signals from the hilltops.

    • They fail to realise that ‘moral decency’ and religious belief come from within. You can never impose your standards from outside/above. Ban this or forbid that… people will find new ways which may not be of your liking.

  4. WHY NOT Ban it: this is one massive reason I stated in the other article:

    In Honor of Mothers & Children: Tweet for Hunger and Education:

    In honor of my Mother, Mary, as a UN Volunteer and blogger for hunger through WFP; I decided along with CEO and founder of PYA, Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi, to donate towards the renovation and rebuilding of schools in Pakistan by asking people to tweet: #pkfloods @ThinkTwiceRadio #MothersDay @P_Y_A

    *For every single tweet per account, up to 1,000 tweets, I will donate to Pakistan Youth Alliance towards cost of renovation of elementary schools drastically damaged by the 2010 flooding in Pakistan.

    This initiative is along with the UN’s WFO World Food Program who were responsible for being on the ground during Pakistan flooding of 2010, Josette Sheerhan herself fed people of Pakistan, she is on facebook and twitter, who ran along aide is and in full support of this, as she id the same for hunger.

    Right now, I have over 20 hours of messages to go through from the entire world who have and are helping the people of Pakistan. Without social media, this would be impossible.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for all the great work, you are doing for education of children in Pakistan. Especially at the time when Pakistan is considered as the enemy of Peace by many people.

      We really appreciate your kind contribution and how you people are making meaning with the help of social media.

      We believe social media helps people connect with the world, it strengthen individuals like you and us, and there must never be any restriction on the use of social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Causes in anywhere in the world, including and especially in Pakistan. More Best to You!

  5. You are welcome. I have never seen nor experienced what mass media or govt has to say regarding Pakistan, on the contrary, many of my bhais and behins are there, I one day need to meet. I have always been treated with respect. Social media is essential in a world where all of us are unable to travel and some of us may only have a cell phone FOR communication or a school computer, with net access. Its communication, what this world is lacking: global communication by the people for the people. That is why they wish to stop the internet. So we [people] don’t communicate. I agree 100%. Salam.

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  8. There’s something id like to point out here. Facebook is definitely a useful tool for society and has great potential for good. Its a service that provides a platform for free expression. As such it also has a responsible role to play in monitoring the content that it hosts. In my view freedom of expression is not an absolute concept…The problem is that people ignore the complexities of freedom of expression. Its not as simple as ‘you can say anything you want’. There is a distinction between criticism and hate mongering yet both are forms of expression. The latter should not be deemed acceptable under the false guise of freedom of expression. Agreed its a nuisance to clean up the scores of hateful pages out there but the least id expect of facebook as a neutral and socially conscious moderator is to condemn them. By not doing so, not only does facebook fail in its role as moderator but also take a hostile stance towards its musilm users. And those muslim users need to stop being so apologetic about demanding their rights

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