Do Not Change Your Action Because of A Small Minority

I was just looking into Facebook, trying to find how my friends using Facebook and how Facebook team is helping people connect more efficiently.

One thing which I noticed is, that most of the people on Facebook are peaceful in general. They’re engaged in the communities which they like, their interests range from cooking, business, life-style, news, religion and all the little things between. But they are happy, just like you are.

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But there is only a very small minority both from non-Muslims and yes Muslims as well. Who fights each other on Facebook and humiliate each other’s religious views. But it doesn’t invite peaceful people like you to boycott Facebook or ban it in Pakistan. Taking it away from the people who are using it for good.

I really hope, you get the point. If few hundreds folks start sharing hatred content against your personal belief, boycotting is not the thing to do. But you can use the same tool to defend your views and show a genuine and peaceful picture of your believes.

I humbly request you to share this post to a vast majority of friends, encouraging the message of tolerance and peace.

And if you do not get what we’re striving for, share your views and we can sort it out by conversation. Thank you. But please don’t support them, who wants to snatch freedom-of-speech from citizens.


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