Pakistan is Facebook 2nd Fastest Growing Country in Middle East

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Facebook growth in Pakistan is at its peak, as we see 267,000 new users signed up for Facebook during April11-May11. It mean 8,900 new people were joining Facebook everyday from Pakistan. InsideFacebook wrote a post about Facebook growth in Middle East during past months which can be found here.

You must have seen some of your cousin, old friends and co-workers sending you friends requests on Facebook. This is because they joined too. 😉

The major factor behind the growth of social media sites, especially Facebook is that many young Pakistanis are now getting access to internet because of the availability of DSL & wireless internet providers in Pakistan. It seems its not the peak, it is just the beginning of a new era of communication and media in Pakistan.

Is not this fabulous? I think it is.

Alexa rank Facebook as most popular website in Pakistan, leaving Google (2nd & 3rd) and YouTube (4th) behind.

Also Facebook is the 3rd most popular term to be searched in Google from Pakistan in last 3 months.

Google Insight Search - Showing top search items of last three months from Pakistan

here is the link for this table

Also now we see an increase in use of social media by conventional media. Top players of TV and print media are utilizing social sites to syndicate their news.

Where social media enables anyone to become a source of information, many people from Pakistan are using it for their personal purpose by spreading hatred and false news. So it is more important for us to recommend only reliable and genuine source of information.

We really hope that social media will help Pakistanis become a better citizen by allowing them to have free access to any kind of information. And these well informed, well connected and bigger minds will take Pakistan to next level.

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